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Tax Credit for Sessions

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IRS Tax Credit for Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programs

*   You Can Get 100% I.R.S. Tax Credit for your Weight Loss and/or Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Program

     and other medical issues, once hypnotherapy was prescribed by a physician.


*   Tax laws passed from 2003 to present, allowing a tax credit of your out-of-pocket expense for tobacco 

     cessation–cigarettes, pipe, cigar, and chewing tobacco.

*   Also receive 100% Tax Credit for out-of-pocket expense for weight loss programs and other medical issues

     if you were advised by a physician to lose weight.

*   This is a tax credit – not a tax deduction, so that means 100% credit for your out-of-pocket expenses!

*   Any therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy sessions dealing with medical issues may be deductible 

*   To find out more about claiming your tax credits, deductibles, and the proper form to complete, please 

     contact your CPA or a tax professional.

This information is presented as a courtesy from Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples

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