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Peter C. Williams CMS CHt. CHI.

Certified Medical Support, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

My name is Peter C. Williams CMS CHt. CHI. Certified Medical Support, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I became a Hypnotherapist in 2007 and in 2009 became a Certified Medical Support, Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE), a Fellow of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, Certified Instructor for Hypno-beginnings, (a Hypnotherapy for childbirth Program). I am the Founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples and Director of Naples Hypnotherapy Academy.

Our Practice is based on the belief, that as human beings we have within us all the components necessary for total and complete healing. We simply need to understand how to connect to this inner power.

As we seek to find ways to achieve lasting change, our goal is to guide our clients to this place of healing, unleashing the unlimited potential that dwells within them. As a result, we are then able to help our clients overcome issues of concern and the disempowering elements within their subconscious mind. This then enables them to achieve the level of prosperity, happiness, and success they desire in their lives. We are a movement, healing the world one person at a time. 

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International Association Of Counselors and Therapists

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Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

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Member of American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

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Kristen Weardon CMS.  

Director of Corporate & Charitable Programs Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

CEO WIN of Florida: August 2010 – July 2012

W.I.N. (Women In Need) of Florida was started as an outreach/extension of the offering the Right Living Program, a 20 session recovery program WIN foundation.

National & International Spokesperson: August 2008 – August 2010. The W.I.N. Foundation (R) is a 501-C3 non-profit (#33-0676865) that specializes in programs of healing and empowerment.

Ms. USA Globe 2009 & Mrs. Globe August 2008- July 2010: Mrs. Globe and Ms. USA Globe are two of the most recognized names in the pageant industry at the state, national and international level.

"I have experienced Hypnotherapy as a client of Hypnotherapist Peter Williams. My experience was so profound that I couldn't wait to tell everyone I know about it. I believe everyone should be able to have happiness, peace, joy, and love in their lives and maybe this is the perfect vehicle to take them there. I'm glad to be a part of this positive force, changing the world one person at a time..." 

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Mildred Williams MSN, MHA, RN-BC- CCHt

 Master's degree in Nursing and Health Administration.  Certified in Ambulatory Nursing, Medical Terminology adviser, Instructor, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 


HS Diploma: Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines 1988

Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines 1992.

University of Phoenix: Master of Science in Nursing, Master in Health Administration.

My name is Mildred Williams and I am a Registered Nurse, with a Master of Science in Nursing, Master in Health Administration. a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Medical Terminology Advisor here at Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples.

It is my belief that Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality of healing, which can help its users to overcome elements within their lives they may find overwhelming. Whether it is a medical issue, emotional, mental, or a physiological issue, hypnotherapy is a perfect adjunct to traditional medicine.

Our Director Peter Williams and all the staff of Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples has done so much throughout South Florida, leading in the field of hypnotherapy, upholding the highest standards and helping hundreds of clients each year overcome negative programming within the mind. Affecting their lives in a profoundly positive way

I’m pleased to be a part of this organization and honored to be serving in this manner, curing the world one person at a time.

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Dulce Ortiz ​AB, CCHt

Office Manager, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Associates of Business Management, (AB) Rasmussen College

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt) Naples Hypnotherapy Academy

“What you are, is what you have been, and what you will be, is what you do now” - Buddha

My name is Dulce Ortiz. I had the privilege of being in a session with Peter Williams, who is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the director of Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples. My experience was extremely inspiring, and now there is clarity in my everyday life. The free consultations that Peter graciously provides allowed me to better understand the process of hypnotherapy and provided answers to all my questions.

This experience sparked my desire to learn more about hypnotherapy and explore how it may be used to help people that I know, and others overcome negative issues in their lives. After contemplating my purpose, and the contribution I want to make to the world, and my desire to help those around me, I decided to pour myself into learning hypnotherapy and using this fascinating and powerful tool, to help others. I decided to do a hypnotherapy certification course at Naples Hypnotherapy Academy.

My 500 hours of training has allowed me to better understand the link between the subconscious and conscious mind and how to reprogram the negative programs within the subconscious mind.

Our Hypnotherapy Instructor Peter Williams has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience helping those that have come to him. He has clients not only in Collier County, and throughout the state of Florida, but nationwide, attracting clients all the way from even California. I am privileged to be working with him.

I really believe in the science behind hypnotherapy and the power within the mind to create the healing our bodies need. I’m happy to be working with Peter and to be a part of the team here at Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples, positively affecting the world one person at a time.

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Asociados de Gestión Empresarial, (AB) Rasmussen College

certificada de Hipnoterapia  clínica  (CCHt) Naples Hypnotherapy Academy

"Lo que eres, es lo que has sido, y lo que serás, es lo que haces ahora" - Buda

Mi nombre es Dulce Ortiz. Tuve el privilegio de estar en una sesión con Peter Williams, que es un certificado hipnoterapeuta clínico y el director de Naples Hypnotherapy Academy. Mi experiencia fue extremadamente inspiradora, y ahora hay claridad en mi vida diaria. Las consultas gratuitas que Peter ofrece gentilmente me permitieron entender mejor el proceso de hipnoterapia y respondieron a todas mis preguntas.

Esta experiencia despertó mi deseo de aprender más sobre la hipnoterapia y explorar cómo se puede usar para ayudar a las personas que conozco, y otras personas a superar los problemas negativos en sus vidas. Después de contemplar mi propósito y la contribución que quiero hacer al mundo, y mi deseo de ayudar a quienes me rodean, decidí dedicarme a aprender hipnoterapia y usar esta herramienta fascinante y poderosa para ayudar a otros. Decidí hacer un curso de certificación de hipnoterapia en Naples Hypnotherapy Academy.

Mis 500 horas de entrenamiento me han permitido entender mejor el vínculo entre la mente subconsciente y consciente y cómo reprogramar los programas negativos dentro de la mente subconsciente.

Nuestro instructor de hipnoterapia, Peter Williams, posee una vasta cantidad de conocimientos y experiencia para ayudar a los que han llegado a él. Tiene clientes no solo en el condado de Collier y en todo el estado de Florida, sino en todo el país, atrayendo clientes desde California. Tengo el privilegio de trabajar con él.

Realmente creo en la ciencia detrás de la hipnoterapia y el poder dentro de la mente para crear la curación que nuestros cuerpos necesitan. Estoy feliz de trabajar con Peter y ser parte del equipo aquí en Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples, que afecta positivamente al mundo una persona a la vez.

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Raina Szoke ATHP, CCHt

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

At about age 12, life found a way to turn me in the direction of non-conventional healing and energy modalities which was also the very beginning of my own path to consciously liberate my mind, spirit, and soul. After years of learning about these areas, I found myself always wanting to give advice and help others with what I have learned or experienced, so thus began my studies. At 19, I finished a Naturopathic training focusing on Homeopathy and Herbal Remedies. After that, I attended the International Metaphysics Academy in Budapest, Hungary which focused on how the different energies of emotions, thoughts, and intentions interact with our bodies and our surroundings.

Next, it was Theta Healing modality that called my name. Theta Healing is a method of identifying limiting belief systems and their root cause. My most recent addition to my “toolbox” is hypnotherapy. I began studying in 2017 at Naples Hypnotherapy Academy. Since then, I have come to understand the mind’s incredible natural ability to heal and create profound change. I now have combined all these holistic modalities and have created a new and unique approach to healing.

Throughout my personal journey of self-discovery when times became too difficult to overcome on my own, spontaneously people found their way into my life. They would come to show me how to have strength, patience, compassion, and love towards myself. Those encounters were beyond priceless. They were like a flotation device being thrown my way right when I was about to give up and go under.

Now it is my calling to be that for others!

Therefore, I've joined the Advanced Hypnotherapy of Naples team, healing the world one person at a time.

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How to Identify an Effective Hypnotherapist

                                                                                    By Peter C Williams CMS CHt CHI

The effective hypnotherapist, based on the teachings of Naples Hypnotherapy Academy

There are hundreds of studies from numerous universities and colleges proving the effectiveness of hypnotherapy including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, among others. These studies show the validity and value of Hypnotherapy. Based on my experience, hypnotherapy works approximately 85-95% of the time, which is extremely impressive. Believe it or not, hypnotherapy may be cheaper than some prescription medications, especially when you consider that through hypnotherapy you may attain permanent change or resolution.

To be an effective Hypnotherapist, there are well-defined criteria that should be met. I've listed them so you, as a client, may be empowered with the knowledge and information to evaluate your hypnotherapist.

The qualities of an effective Hypnotherapist

1. An effective hypnotherapist engages the client on multiple levels, cognitively, sub-cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally. First, they establish a good rapport, to create, and encourages a willingness to share. Next, he or she focuses on understanding the client, becoming aware of their inner self, understanding their life circumstances, and why they have chosen the path they’re on.

This means: An effective hypnotherapist will allow you to feel at ease. He or she will strive to understand your circumstance, to recognize where you are versus where you want to be. allowing you to express yourself freely (regarding pass traumas or negatively perceived events) and will try to engage the thoughts feelings and emotional elements associated with that events or trauma while creating a therapeutic path to resolution.


2. Must have good interpersonal skills. The effective hypnotherapists are able to express themselves well. They are perceptive, sensing what other people are thinking and or feeling. In relating to their clients, they show warmth and acceptance, compassion, with a focus on the client, not themselves.

This means: As you talk about your experience, does your hypnotherapist seem to be interested in learning about how you feel? Can your therapist communicate to you in language that you understand? Does your therapist talk about himself, rather than paying attention to you.


3. Ability to help you feel you can trust the therapist. Generally, people determine whether or not they can trust someone 3 minutes of meeting them. Clients of effective therapists believe that their therapists will be helpful because the therapist communicates both verbally and non-verbally that he or she is someone the client can trust.

This means: What is your inner voice telling you when you first meet your therapist? Is this someone who allows you to feel that you can have a good working relationship, can you have faith in this person, and can you trust them with your deepest and darkest feelings, thoughts and traumas? The ethical code of a properly trained hypnotherapist includes the provision that revelation of illegal or dangerous intention must be reported to proper authorities such as the police or social service agencies etc. However, even this requirement can help you feel that you can trust the therapist because you know that you and all those you care about will be protected.


4. Willingness to establish an alliance with you. One of the best predictors of a good therapeutic outcome is the feeling that clients are in a partnership with their therapists. This is known as the therapeutic alliance. The effective hypnotherapists are able to form these alliances with many types of clients.

This means: You have the sense that your therapist is interested in getting you on board in establishing goals that both of you agree on. Though the therapist is obviously the expert, you feel that the therapist cares about your goals in sessions and is willing to work with you.


5. Must be able to explain the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy, how it works and why it works. The hypnotherapist must have the ability to adapt to new information from the client, executing therapeutic techniques to satisfy the changed circumstance. Effective therapists provide explanations that clients can understand but they are also willing to shift according to the direction in which sessions unfolds.

This means: You should understand what the therapist says about the possible contributing factors to your issues. The explanation needn't be (and probably shouldn't be) "overly technical;" it should be explained in a simplistic way, and you should also feel that the therapist is willing to be flexible about the type of therapy being executed.


6. An effective Hypnotherapist communicates confidently about the course of sessions. Getting the client’s input, while allowing the client to recognize that sessions are effective and worthwhile. These therapists allow their clients to feel secure in the knowledge that the sessions are moving in the right direction, closer to their goals.

This means: The hypnotherapist must be in control of the course of sessions, and then you will be more likely to be able to make progress. Uncertainty about whether therapists know what they're doing can undermine the course of treatment. Obviously, if you're unhappy with something about the way that sessions are proceeding, you should be able to talk about it. However, a good therapist makes you feel reassured, with a willingness to listen, and make necessary adjustments and allows you to feel that your therapist is on your side.


7. An effective hypnotherapist pays attention to the progress of therapy and the communication of this interest to the client. Good therapists are interested in finding out how their clients are responding to the sessions. They show that they want their clients to improve.

This means: it is important to feel your therapeutic sessions are effective when he or she checks in with you to see how you feel about the session you're getting. This doesn't mean that you need to show progress in every session, but it does mean that your therapist shows concern for you by checking in with you to see how you feel things are working.


8. An effective hypnotherapist inspires hope and optimism about your chances of improvement since hope is a tremendous source of motivation. The feeling that something is going to work is often a large part of the equation in successful therapeutic session. However, a good therapist is not unrealistically hopeful but is able to strike a balance between realism and hope.

This means: A good therapist will inspire you to think optimistically, to begin to think and believe that you can get better. Whatever your own past experience may be, it's better to approach sessions with optimism. If your therapist inspires you to feel hopeful, you'll benefit more from the sessions.


9. A good hypnotherapist is sensitive toward your cultural background, religion, race, and sex. These principles are taught at Naples Hypnotherapy Academy and recommend that hypnotherapists adapt treatment to their client's sex, ethnicity, race, culture, religion and family values. This includes showing respect for your background and being aware of attitudes within your culture or community, i.e. family relationships, religious practices, and appropriate behavior.

This means: It goes without saying, an effective therapist does not make offensive comments about your sex/gender, race, sexual orientation; negative comments on cultures, religion or ethnicity. However, therapists might not be aware of specific prohibitions or traditions that are an important part of your life. If this happens, explain why you find this to be the case. It's possible that your therapist simply is unaware of this, and will show appreciation for gaining this knowledge.


10. Self-insight and monitoring. An effective hypnotherapist is self-aware and is able to separate his or her own issues from those of clients. The term, "counter-transference" refers to cases in which the issues expressed by a client lead to emotional reactions on the part of the therapist. It's important for the hypnotherapist to be able to identify and manage their responses to the issues their clients present to them and be in control.

This means: If you find that your therapist brings up his or her own problems when you talk about yours, and you feel this is overstepping the line on self-disclosure, bring this up as a concern. We are not perfect, and the unconscious can play interesting tricks on all of us, including the hypnotherapists, but the good ones are able to control their reactions even if those come close to experiences that they have had.

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We  welcome the opportunity to help you with any issue you may have, 

and to show you how 

" The Power Is Yours"

 The services provided by our Hypnotherapists do not include the practice of medicine nor the practice of Psychology or Psychiatry as our Hypnotherapists are not Physicians. These services are non-diagnostic and are an excellent adjunct to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state. 

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